Tentative Sales

This list of properties is being worked up for sale. The date and the sales are not confirmed. Please see Current Sales for confirmed sales.

   Tuesday August 28th, 2018 at Noon

17-386 Nationstar vs Carl Buley  301 Owens St., Cave City  PVA# C1-21-16

17-393 Wells Fargo vs Anita Conner  4218 North Jackson Hwy., Glasgow  PVA# 94-10A

18-207 1st KY vs Neal Harrison  Pending address/PVA

17-646 South Central Bank vs David Huff  511 and 513 Grimstead Mill Rd, Cave City PVA #59-23

12-653 Deutsche Bank vs Genia Matchem  209 Trappers Trail, Glasgow  PVA #79D-52

18-252 1st KY vs Cory Poore   Pending address/PVA

18-002  MD Wood vs Dorian Lee  Hollis Road, Glasgow  PVA #126A-102

18-022  Nationstar Mortgage vs Vicent Petrescu 210 Shadowlawn Court, Glagsow  PVA #79G-6A

18-066  Vanderbilt Mortgage vs Christy Shanley 1559 Jack Smith Rd., Cave City  PVA #108-4A-5