The Legal Notice and the PVA will open when you click on each name. The PVA has information about the property and a picture. Appraisals are updated as soon as we receive them, but they come from several different appraisers, so not all are loaded at the same time. Usually get them the week before the sale. Sale results will be posted by the following day.

 Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 at Noon at the Barren County Courthouse

16-450  Bayview Loan vs Danny Burris  555 Hollis Thomas Rd., Glasgow  PVA # 126-21D

Appraisal $ 35,000   BID $34,800      Third Party $50,000

17-437  Deutsche Bank vs Billy Melton  404 New Salem Rd., Glasgow  PVA # G4-12-8

Appraisal $ 50,000                    **Cancelled**

18-491  Vanderbilt Mortgage vs Darrin Vibbert  1421 Wolf Island Rd., Glasgow  PVA # 140-26K

Appraisal $ 55,000   Plaintiff $60,000

18-522 JPMorgan Chase vs Michael R Wilson  310 Seay St., Glasgow  PVA # G8-6-5

Appraisal $ 185,000  **CANCELLED**

17-581 Wells Fargo vs Katheryn Young  220 Wedgewood Dr., Glasgow  PVA # G2-2-6

Appraisal $ 95,000    Third Party  $68,500