The Legal Notice and the PVA will open when you click on each name. The PVA has information about the property and a picture. Appraisals are updated as soon as we receive them, but they come from several different appraisers, so not all are loaded at the same time. Usually get them the week before the sale. Sale results will be posted by the following day.

 Saturday October 26th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. on the Premises of  844 Atkinson Road, Glasgow

 19-399 Vanderbilt Mortgage vs Leslie Anglin  274 No Tree Lane, Glasgow  PVA #81E-80

Appraisal $

 19-041 Dendris Ennis vs Unknown Heirs of Fannie Bethel  202 S Third St., Cave City  PVA #C1-19-6

 Appraisal $

 18-641 Kentucky Tax Solutions vs Ellis Centers  950 Tracy School Road, Glasgow  PVA #69-25A

Appraisal $

19-403 PennyMac Loan vs Ricky Elmore  117 Jackson Trail, Glasgow  PVA #51D-3

Appraisal $

19-223 Finance of America vs Roger Harper  118 Sporran Way, Glasgow  PVA #96C-15

Appraisal $

19-234 Freedom Mortgage vs Julie Page  230 Homewood Blvd., Glasgow  PVA #95-35B-4

Appraisal $

19-548  Nationstar Mortgage vs Corey Sherfey  1494 Etoile Rd., Glasgow  PVA #117-6B

Appraisal $

19-431 Vanderbilt Mortgage vs Unknown Heirs of Christine Walbert  216 Humble Ave., Glasgow

PVA #G5-10-25   Appraisal $

19-233  South Central Bank vs Christopher Lee Smith 545, 838 & 844 Atkinson Road


Tract #1 - 6.837 acres +/- with house, mobile home and building  PVA #131-1  Appraisal $70,000

Tract #2 - 22.289 acres +/-  PVA #131-1   Appraisal $55,000

Tract #3 - 25.376 acres +/-  PVA #131-1   Appraisal $67,000

Tract #4 - 55.573 acres +/- and mobile home   PVA #131-1A  Appraisal $140,000

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 at Noon at the Barren County Courthouse